HR Outsourcing

MSGNI provides organizations opportunity to streamline their internal HR functions and processes for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Functions and processes that are clerical, transactional, analytical, and repetitive are what we are currently capable of providing to these organizations. What we offer is a more value-adding alternative than doing such functions and processes directly with their full-time resources.

MSGNI also provides existing BPO organizations, big and small, opportunity to expand their HR outsourcing services without additional significant infrastructure and resources, thereby gaining leverage through vertical partnership with us.

Our simple philosophy is to help organizations gain greater value through our services, translating into a mutually beneficial relationship.

The HR services that we are highly competent and capable of providing at present include: recruitment and selection, employment documentation and file maintenance, benefits administration, time-keeping and payroll processing. We can do these services for both domestic and foreign clients, ensuring full compliance with the prevailing laws in the countries or localities concerned.

We assure our clients of professional expertise and competence aided by relevant technology.