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MSGNI is a Philippine based IT-BPO/KPO (Information Technology – Business Process Outsourcing / Knowledge Process Outsourcing) service delivery company with offices in Quezon City, Calapan, and Bataan, Philippines. Opened in 2009, we have been providing outsourced programs for market research data collection, processing and tabulation, contact center services, content management, global supply chain and logistics support services to foreign and domestic entities, and online English teaching to Asian customers.

We are a boutique rural IT-BPO/KPO, being mainly based outside of Metro Manila.

We engage in “rural impact sourcing” – the ability to draw and develop local resources for our operations at lower cost but at competitive competency level vis-à-vis in urban sites.

Technical Capabilities

We have the necessary technology to provide the IT-BPO/KPO services on our platform. Our IT and programming staff leverage a wide range of platforms and software packages -- proprietary and open source -- to ensure all tasks are done in a timely manner and desired quality. We utilize two Internet providers, one backing up for the other in times of emergency in either of the two.

Human Resource Capabilities

Our team members are multi-talented individuals and can easily switch from one expertise to another, such as from being callers to web researcher to digital marketer, depending on our projects. Most have had experiences in various capacities in other IT-BPO/KPO companies in the Philippines.

Other agents have been selected from local colleges and universities, and have undergone intensive training from professional IT-BPO/KPO trainers and even by our foreign customers themselves. They have high capabilities in English language, and can be easily trained on specific campaign requirements, be they sales, marketing or technical. They are tech savvy, like most people in this generation – expert in the use of computers, understand technologies like IP address, Wifi, Bluetooth, Emails, Skype, social media, and the likes.

Value Proposition for Clients

We provide all the necessary staffing and assets in running our outsourced services for any of our clients. This means that our clients don’t need substantial additional physical investments in their project, which means less risk for their companies. These resources provided by us include:

1) Full-time employees (team leader, agents)
2) Dedicated project management staff
3) Office space
4) Furniture
5) Computers
6) Software
7) Networking
8) Servers
9) Telecom

We can adapt to our client’s company policies, processes, and procedures for IT, data security, corporate values and principles, regulatory requirements for offshore operations engagement, and any other aspect of their operations pertaining to the project that they want to implement.

The staff (agents and team leader) assigned in the project devote their entire time in doing their tasks required by the project. Once they are engaged for a specific project, they are not assigned or engaged in any of our other operations that can interfere with their principal tasks.

We can provide the visiting management or technical team a dedicated work space in our facilities or nearby facilities as may be necessary or desired.

We consider most projects as joint or co-managed operations, with the clients having full participation or control in the operations, including decisions on the service delivery systems and processes.

We are also open minded in looking into the future, as growth potential and opportunities come to our clients, we can help them tap those opportunities. They can explore options like forming joint venture partnership with us or having their own operations in the Philippines that they may consider fit for their strategy. They may decide to establish their own Philippine corporation and employ the project staff directly. We can also help them incorporate and manage their corporate entity.

We can be an ideal partner for incubating operations, starting with outsourced task-based projects and progressing to formal business partnership or even full turnover of the operation.

Partners in Building the Nation

we are proud to be actively engaging the society through social and developmental activities

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Multi Source Global Network, Inc (MSGNI) is a privately owned BPO/KPO service delivery enterprise based in the Philippines. We provide Cost Effective, Reliable and Globally Competitive Business Process Outsourcing

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