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Data Entry

Increase productivity of your core team members while rationalizing workforce and infrastructure cost by outsourcing data entry processes. Whether the end goal is for flexibility, scalability, turnaround time and cost, our highly skilled data entry operators provide the right solution even for complex requirements.

MSGNI provides End-To-End Data Entry, Processing and Conversion to a wide range of data outputs: ASCII Text Delimitted, CSV, Microsoft Excel, SPSS, DBF Formats, XML or XTML, PDF.

We guarantee the highest quality and on time delivery at a very cost competitive rates .

Data Conversion

Data conversion is the process of converting data from one structural form to another to suit the requirements of the system to which it is migrated. It helps eliminate huge physical storage and unnecessary data redundancies for a more optimized operational setup.

We have highly trained IT professionals that can convert all kinds of data from reports, catalogs, journals, periodicals, invoices, financial statements and other legal documents into digital forms that interface with end user desired format.

Data Processing & Tabulation

Data Processing is the backroom data transformation which is often taken for granted. At MSGNI, we understand the importance of accuracy and efficiency. Our team of experienced and specialized Spripters can provide fast, accurate data tables in a format which best meet your requirements.

We provide end-to-end data processing from data integrity, redundancy and inconsistency checking, quota setting and integration to other data sources.

Using the data map provided by the client, we process data and generate outputs in ASCII, Excel, CSV SPSS or other custom format.

Our highly skilled scripters use various survey programming platforms from Sureveycraft, Epidata, Dimension, SPSS and MRDC.

Coding Open Ends

Coding Open Ends or Verbatim Coding is a systematic process of transforming textual or open- ended comments and responses to numeric codes for intelligent data processing. Data input sources could be from an excel, access, ASCII or.dat raw data which are coded based on a standard set or universal code frames. The specific codes are assigned to specific questions to transform comments or verbatim responses that facilitates tabulation.

Coding Process Overview:

Receive data file from you with open ended or verbatim responses.
Formulate the code frame and send back for client approval.
Punch appropriate codes for all open- end responses using updated code frame.
Resolve incomplete survey responses.
Perform quality check and proof reading on coded responses.
Finalize and submit completed code book for client approval.

We have the expertise and the scale to provide our clients with the highest quality market research Coding Services at extremely competitive rate, fast and reliable service turnaround time no matter what survey sample size you may have.

Project Management & Support

MSGNI employs highly qualified research and project management professionals who are dedicated to managing each study according to the goals, budget, schedule, and specific need of our clients.

We understand that quality is of the utmost importance in market research that's why strict quality management processes are embedded every step of the way.

We conduct service quality evaluations and surveys are sent to clients after each phase of the project to ensure zero deviation and process improvement are at work on continuing basis.

Survey Programming

MSGNI has a team of dedicated survey programmers with excellent attention to detail to write anywhere from simple to complex questionnaire flow. Every completed survey program undergo quality check to ensure skips are correctly set before the survey even goes out into the field.

Telephone Survey

Effective Market Research depends on accurate data collection. At MSGNI, we ensure our interviewers are highly trained and supported by a well experienced Management Team.

Supervision over the interviewing process is performed through extensive interviewer training, monitoring and performance review.

Using a client approved Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software, random interviewing or call monitoring allows our telephone interviews to be checked for clarity, understanding and completeness of coverage.

In-Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews are a qualitative data collection technique useful for a variety of purposes such as needs assessment, program refinement, issue identification and strategic planning. The interview methodology uses open-ended, discovery-oriented approach which allows the interviewer to deeply explore respondent's feelings and perspective on a subject.

We have a pool of qualified data collection specialists that are well trained in conducting In-depth interviews following Kvale's seven stages : Thematizing, Designing, Interviewing, Transcribing, Analyzing, Verifying and Reporting.